Tuesday, February 28, 2012

James Bond and Batman help rescue London developers

James Bond and Batman help rescue London developers

Friday, February 3, 2012

Dapper Dan?

Remember the first official Skyfail photo of Dan in his trunks at local the Y pool.
Well it was not met with as much enthusiasm as the Bond producers had desired so after a long thoughtful deliberation it is no longer the first official SpyFail photo.
A homeless man with a gun replaces the faceless man's ass cleavage. Surely this Cave-Bond meets Blade Runner captures the essence Ian Fleming intended when he penned Commander James Bond. A fine first choice for the official Photo if there ever was one.
For some strange reason this proto-Bond picture has not impressed a great many fans. Adding to the criticism of Craig looks by fans usually in his corner, many complaints center around him looking too old, his buzz cut hairdo, and his graying beard.

Hard to say if this is by intent or if the camera is just not a kind to the haggard Craig this time around.